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EffStop Plus™

EffStop Plus™

The Problem
Efflorescence is everywhere! It occurs when moisture in concrete and masonry migrates to the surface and carries salt minerals that react with air to create calcium carbonate.

Efflorescence is typically manifested as an unsightly, white chalky deposit on the surface. And it can be difficult to remove.
The Cure
If efflorescence is the dandruff of concrete then NewLook's EffStop Plus is the Selsun Blue™ you need to prevent it! Permanently.
EffStop Plus is a truly revolutionary efflorescence-curing system that is guaranteed* to stop both primary and secondary efflorescence in concrete and masonry. The water-based, nanofusion formula reacts with and permanently binds concrete chemical impurities at the nano-molecular level. This prevents the leaching of efflorescent salt for the life of the concrete, resulting in enhanced concrete performance.
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