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Newlook WallStain™


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Newlook WallStain™


Newlook WallStain™


Newlook WallStain™

Newlook WallStain (Solid or Translucent) is a premium, single component, non-yellowing acrylic emulsion wall stain designed to color, seal, protect and penetrate concrete masonry surfaces, particularly vertical surfaces.

Newlook WallStain's robust cure & seal formula will cure to a matte-satin finish that will resist stains, UV, abrasion and minimize hairline cracking, dusting and spalling.

Newlook WallStain is ideal for quickly applying lasting, durable color to vertical masonry surfaces including pre-cast concrete, tilt-up and retaining walls.

Newlook Wallstain will not peel, flake or blister like paint. Its unique formulation allows moisture migration to pass through the Wallstain instead of forming a barrier. Ask for Wallstain on your next retaining wall project.

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